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Lisa CalhounLisa Calhoun

Lisa Calhoun

Founding Managing Partner
Valor Ventures
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Valor Ventures

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Valor Ventures is a prominent venture capital firm dedicated to fueling the growth of early-stage startups with high potential. Specializing in technology-driven ventures, Valor Ventures is committed to identifying and supporting innovative companies that are poised to make a significant impact in their respective industries.

Led by a team of experienced and visionary professionals, Valor Ventures leverages its expertise to provide strategic investment and guidance to emerging entrepreneurs. The website serves as a comprehensive portal, offering insights into the firm's investment focus, portfolio companies, and the value it brings to the startups it partners with.

With a mission to empower and accelerate the success of the next generation of disruptive businesses, Valor Ventures showcases its commitment to fostering innovation, driving positive change, and contributing to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The website provides a glimpse into Valor Ventures' investment philosophy, highlighting its dedication to creating lasting value for both entrepreneurs and investors in the dynamic landscape of early-stage venture capital.

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