City of Atlanta and ATL Tech Hub Launches ACES

Launched on:
January 24, 2024

Through our partnership with the Atlanta Collegiate Entreprenuership Syndicate, we are actively engaging with a dynamic and collaborative environment. Together, we empower students, faculty, and entrepreneurs to cultivate innovative ideas and drive economic growth. By leveraging the combined strengths of member institutions, we position Atlanta as a hub of entrepreneurial excellence. We aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem that promotes creativity, resilience, and innovation. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and equip students with the skills and mindset necessary for entrepreneurial success, catalyzing positive change, driving economic development, and shaping a thriving entrepreneurial landscape in Atlanta with global impact.


Our partnership with ACES (Atlanta Collegiate Entrepreneurship Syndicate) aims to foster innovation, drive economic growth, and create positive societal impact by empowering students, faculty, and entrepreneurs within Atlanta's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

City of Atlanta
Emory University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative
Georgia State University
Morehouse College
Spelman College

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